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Why CLUSTERS? What’s in a name? A handful of goodness! When you reach in the bag or tin, you get a cluster of delicious popcorn. CLUSTERS is a popcorn bakery ~ You can smell our freshness! We feature different flavors every day! Pop in the CLUSTERS at the Berlin Farmers Market and we know you will be delighted with your CLUSTERS experience.

As soon as you walk into a Clusters Handcrafted Popcorn shop you are immediately welcomed into a foodie’s haven. The presentation of all our unique flavors makes for a fun sampling experience of popcorn creations. CLUSTERS creations are made fresh daily, filling the outside air with hints of caramel, coconut, cinnamon, and cookies. All recipes are created in house and are unique.

Customers know that a trip to CLUSTERS will require them to answer a question – “Bag open or closed?” Always answer OPEN! That way you get an extra scoop or so to enjoy walking around town. The only mistake you can make when you go to CLUSTERS is when you don’t order a big enough bag.

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